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Become a permanent make-up artist
- from 4 to 20 models for practice per student
- courses for beginners and qualified
- online support after training
Become a permanent make-up artist
Why choose us?
We are confident that our training system is the best this is why we have:
Experience more than 75.000 procedures
We are studio chain.
We do more than 3 000 procedures every month. You will gain access to the experience of more than 75 000 procedures performed by our masters. How do we train you? We have developed a training methodology and tested it on more than 200 masters in our own studios. We know exactly what needs to be done and what can`t be done.
During your training we will teach you how to avoid common mistakes.
Practice only
During your training we will do a lot of practice in studio, whilst you study the theory at home.
Why it is useful? We save your time by providing you with only the essential information you need.
This helps you get the most useful information and valuable experience during the same period other than to tell you about the history of permanent makeup.
From 4 to 20 models for each student
straightYou will receive your portfolio right after training. You don't need to pay for models - they are included in the course price and provided personally for each student.
You can record during training
Why it is useful? Free access to information. You can use your phone to record your pmu procedure with the subject of reviewing your work with a master's comments.
Specially equipped training room
Why it is useful? A large, well-equipped training room gives you the opportunity to watch the procedure in super close-up on a large TV. It`s cozy and comfortable, with no other distractions. Fruits, candies, and coffee are included.
Online support
Why it is useful? It will help prevent you from making serious mistakes and could save your reputation. We will support you in unusual situations
About training
Who is our training for?
Would you like to learn a new profession or start a business as an artist?
We will train you at all three zones: eyebrows, eyeliner and lips from from beginning to end. You can start work straight after the finishing your training.
Experienced artists
Would you like to raise your skills or learn new techniques?
We have a special VIP-course for experienced artists!
Our students works during training
I chose your training because of the practical classes. First, we had remotely learned the theory ourselves. I got more than I expected from the training. I liked it very much, I admired training and especially the trainers.

* Your result will depend on your abilities and how seriously you will approach the training.
Julia Zimina
My name is Maria Bardinova. I was trained at the Nechaeva studio by Irina. I liked it very much. Everything was great, the girls were great. They all are positive, attentive and helped us when we had a difficult situation. Everything was wonderful. I liked everything.
Maria Bardinova
My name is Veronica, I live in Moscow, but I`m from Moldova.
I've been looking for a school for a long time. I chose you because I liked the training program and the large amount of practice. I had 10 models. My advice to future students is to watch carefully and learn from the masters, and you will be capable of more than you think is possible.
Thank you.
I chose this studio when I saw your work. Studios in Germany and in Russia are very different. That was the reason I went to the Elena Nechaeva school. In principle, what we have and what you do are two different things, that's why I undertook the training. I got everything from the course that was promised. I would say to other students - do not afraid. Everything was great, well done girls. I wish to thank the artists for training me, and Elena Nechaeva for creating a school. Thank you.
Nataly Mayer
Base training courses
Price may vary depending on the tutor`s workload. We will advise of the price by telephone.
1 zone
eyebrows or eyelashes or lips
from $900
Base Pro
3 zones
eyebrows, eyelashes, lips
from $1,500
Vip Base
3 zones
eyebrows, eyelashes, lips
from $4,000
Our schools are in 5 cities.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us
tel. +7 918 010-56-21
Business hours: 09:00-21:00 (GMT:+3)

Kostyanskiy Pereulok, 12
Krasnodar, Rozhdestvenskaya naberezhnaya, 19/1
Prospekt Mihaila Nagibina, 29
Kazan Voronezh, Prospekt revolyucii, 9a
Chistopol'skaya, 64
Prospekt revolyucii, 9a