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Online course "Hairstroke"
This is an advanced course for practicing artists who are already familiar with a "Shading" technique. After training you will know the layout patterns (Asian, European and mixed), and also learn how to make airy and thin hairs.
Online course "Stroke on latex"
This is the continuation of the course "Stroke" and is aimed at fledgling artists and artists who do not have skills of an academic stroke. Do your works softer and more evenly, without spots or empty places.
Online course "Stroke"
The academic background of stroke technique is the short path to turn professional artist. In the course Elena Nechayeva gives lessons, which helps you improve skills of creating perfect strokes. For the course you only need a pen and paper.
Online course "Online Artist"
You are here because you have wanted to become an artist of permanent makeup, to become free from routine, to realize yourself, making this world more beautiful. Previously, you were afraid to try, you did not let the children or work. Now you can stop being afraid and try a new profession without leaving home.
Get real skills remotely
The Elena Nechayeva pmu school offers distance courses for everyone who wants to become a permanent makeup artist. Our online courses are suitable for beginners as well as for experienced artists. Training is carried out by highly skilled permanent makeup artists.

Courses: "Hairstroke", "Stroke", "Stroke on latex", "Online Artist"
Permanent make-up online courses
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Lubov Kiskenen
Hello! The distance course "shading" was very effective. I did`t even expect such a positive result! Of course it was not easy, the fingers were terribly ill, it took more than 7 hours a day to complete the tasks. But now my fingers is ok and it takes less time for shading. Thanks to the girls - curators for commenting on all my mistakes! Now I can shade without errors. Thank you very much, Elena and Dmitry !!!
Marina Zolotova
Srazu izvinius cto pisu latinskimi bukvami, prosto neimeju kirilici. A seicas o kurse i o Lenocke i Dime. Kurs super! Vo vse bazovije obucenija kurs Shtrix vkliucilabi obiazatelno! Na zivoi modeli ne razresilabi rabotat bez etogo kursa. Lenocka prosto umnica a Dima ochen vnimatelen. 100 ballov!!!...
Alla Onishko
Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn from you! In my opinion it was very informative! When I was studying PMU (2 months ago), I did not learn shading at all! I continue to train on and on paper, and on latex and on the models - I really see the result! And the book is also amazing. All is in essence and what the master needs to know! (After school, I read a few books, but they was not useful). P.S. Elena has very beautiful works! Thank you!
Julia Cherkasova
When I started to study at a distance course, I thought that I could never do the same as Lena on video! Arms hurt .... I had to shade many hours a day ... But two weeks of training gave results !!!! And two weeks later I felt easy in my hand, there was no more tension! I am very pleased with the course. It became easier to work and time for the procedure reduced. Now I shade constantly and in pleasure.Thank you for the opportunity to grow and become better!
Full-time training
Permanent make up training from A to Z in 8 days.
Elena Nechayeva spmu school offers 2 types of full-time training: Base (for beginners) and VIP Advanced (for skilled artists). See our prices and course calendar
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